Haven’t done an outfit post in so long, so here’s one for those social nights that you know will end up at a bar somewhere in the middle of town.

Another reason I created Charlie Stone Shoes is because of exactly this situation - in Sydney you often find yourself heading to a bar to hang out and dance to live music, but some of these bars can be on the fancy schmancy side with dress codes and expensive cocktails (e.g. Palmer & Co.), so Keds just won’t cut it.

Don’t be afraid to dress up and go more city chic than vintage - you never know where the night will take you!

Top: TrulyMadlyDeeply
Skirt: Cotton On
Singlet: H&M
Shoes: Charlie Stone Shoes (available here!)
Clutch: Temt

THIS IS IT! The single most terrifying and exciting thing I’ve ever done - I’ve officially launched www.CharlieStoneShoes.comwhere you can now purchase Charlie Stone shoes with free shipping worldwide!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting and motivating me throughout this tough but rewarding journey - it’s only just begun, and who knows what the future will bring!

For anyone interested in purchasing a pair, I hope you enjoy them and find a solution to the problems I used to face as a dancer who hated compromising between comfort and style.

Much love & hugs,

While the online store is going through final stages of testing, some of the girls in Singapore have taken their shoes to the dance floor already!

At Swingapore Jitterbugs, the dance studio owned by South East Asia’s lindy hop legend Sing Lim :)

Hey tumblr hoppers!

I’m super excited (and slightly nervous) about launching my line of dance shoes, Charlie Stone, very soon!

They are 100% quality leather, designed for lindy hop and made to be durable for general use.

The online store will be up very soon, but in the meantime you can keep up with news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It would mean a lot to me if you could share this with your friends and fellow dancers! :)


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